A Bottle Cap Means a Smile


cap en kids

Environmental problems and global warming are other challenges for countries. Air and water pollution, drought and famine, extinction of animals and destruction of natural resources are primary results for concern. The secondary outcomes include an increase in poverty in some areas such as Northern Africa and the Middle East where farmers will not be able to continue their jobs when there is no water for farming. This creates an increase in food cost which can influence poverty also.

United Nations has tried to signify the importance of saving nature and prevention of global warming with the Paris Environmental Deal a t its recent action which contains commitments for decreasing the production of greenhouse gasses by countries.

Regarding SDG 13 Climate Action, Roshd Charity with the cooperation of Zamyaran Institute and Tehran Municipality are holding a joint project called A Bottle Cap Means a Smile. The project involves the collection of bottle caps by communities which are then given to the Waste Management Organisation of Tehran Municipality once the organisation receives a certain amount of bottle caps it will donate some packages of stationery to children in deprived areas of Iran.

In fact we achieve to :

1. Entrance of pollution to environment will be prevented.

2. Supporting poor children in deprived areas will become more available.

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