The 22nd Voluntary Expedition to Deprived Areas

We traveled to Sar-Beasheh in South Khorasan province in September 2015. It was our 22nd voluntary expedition and more than 16 people participated in this trip.


The main activities that took place on this trip:

j22-farhangiCultural Group:

Educational programs were held for children and students by our volunteers in poor villages .In those ceremonies children painted their dreams and we gave them some gifts. Also the correct way of brushing was taught to them.
In addition, after ending of each program some gifts which involved toothbrush and toothpaste were donated to them. Furthermore more than 800 stationery packages were distributed between children of that areas.



Civil Group: 

During this trip we have done some constructional projects. Our volunteers participated at building a weaving carpet workshop with aim of making jobs in deprived villages.


Distribution Group:

Another main activity in this trip was distributing necessary items between poor families which divide in two part:

1.About 300 food packages which involved Macaroni, Oil, Canned Tuna, Tomato Paste, Beans, Lentil and … were donated between 300 poor families in that area

2.More than 12000 clothes, 800 stationery packages, books and medical items were distributed between more than 30 deprived villages in that area by our volunteers.