Children with disabilities but with diverse abilities, mark Day of Persons with Disabilities.


  • Children with disabilities but with diverse abilities, mark Day of Persons with Disabilities

Roshd Charity Foundation with support of United Nations Information Center Tehran (UNIC) on International Day of Persons with Disabilities, held a special ceremony for 30 disabled children who are suffered Down syndrome at Roshd complex in 11 Dec 2017. Madam Maryam Zarif, the wife of the Foreign Minister was a guest of honor at this event. Also their mothers, teachers and welfare organization authorities  were participated for this ceremony.

Children recited poetry in Persian and English, singed songs, played games, showed art of karate and told the audience about their successes in sports, in reciting the Holy Quran, in education and art and the challenges of everyday life.  Also traditional Iranian handicrafts made by children were displayed

“I had tears on my eyes, when a little boy with Down syndrome, affectionately sang the Islamic Republic of Iran’s anthem.  The whole audience stood up to applaud and share his pride!” smiled Madam Zarif.

“These children’s abilities and achievements are amazing and really inspiring!  I know how difficult the life is for the mothers and families, and I admire your strength and commitment to your kids.  Professionalism, love and dedication of their teachers and school management contributed to the successes of these able kids.  It was impressive to learn that many kids know other languages, won special sport competitions and championships, despite of all challenges.  I will convey your requests for support to the authorities,” added Madam Zarif.

They received special awards from Madam Zarif and UNIC Director Maria Dotsenko and enjoyed conversations and taking photos with the guests of the event.

I love you and thank you for coming, for being with us,” beamed with the smile 20-years old Melica, who has black belt in karate.

“UNIC really appreciates all efforts of our partners from Roshd Foundation, which is accredited by Department of Public Information and affiliated with the ECOSOC.Devotion of teachers, like Madam Ameri and others, who give warmth of their hearts to these youngsters, helps them to feel proud and included. Generous support of donors, such as Mir-Mohammad Sadeghi family, makes enormous difference in life of these young people,” said Maria Dotsenko, UNIC Director.

Furthermore educational animation and posters in Persian on 70th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights were displayed as well as other UN promotional materials were distributed by UNIC team.

Iranian authorities support children with disabilities through the Iranian Welfare Organization. Children came from Shahid Beheshti Disabled Children School in Tehranpars.

Finally, Roshd Charity Foundation sincerely appreciate Madam Dotsenko and her team in UNIC for all their supports on this event.