Educational Supports

Providing equal opportunity of education for all, is one main objectives of Roshd Foundation. We’ve  tried to hold educational classes and webinars for poor students

Building School

Roshd Charity has started to build primary schools in poor villages of Iran.  32 schools have been constructed by participation of its supporters since 2005.

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Constructed Schools


Supported Children


Voluntary Expedition


Donated Books

Voluntary Activities

You can join us to help children in deprived areas as a volunteer

Teaching to students

Volunteers are trying to help students by teaching and solving their problems in lessons which involved Mathematics, literature, Chemistry, Biology, and English.

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Voluntary Expeditions

Voluntary expedition is a trip which is undertaken by volunteers of Roshd Foundation with aim of ending poverty and providing education in deprived areas.

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Medicine and Health

Holding health Training courses for poor families and children is one of activities of volunteers. Also they provide Medical and dental services for people in that areas

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Latest News

Celebrating Mandela Day in United Nations in Tehran

UN has named 18 July after Nelson Mandela in appreciation of his endeavors and efforts to establish peace and calm. Nelson Mandela was a world-famous figure in promoting justice and equality around the world, whose bravery and compassion never ceases to inspire people. Allied to this, a ceremony was held at UN office in Tehran […]

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Ramadan 97

Thanks to the efforts and assistance of esteemed philanthropists in Ramadan Feast, we managed to hold a fast-breaking (iftar) banquet for 15 days feeding 250 students in deprived villages in Saravan County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran. Also, we distributed among the needy families foodstuff packages including rice, oil, sugar, chicken, legumes, macaroni, and tomato […]

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ِOpening a dormitory for a school in deprived area

Providing equal opportunity of education for all, is one main objectives of Roshd Charity Foundation. Regarding this goal we have  done many constructional projects in deprived areas. It is our pleasure to inform you that a dormitory for girls school in Sarbishe in S. Khorasan Province has been opened in April 2018. Many thanks for […]

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Non-Cash Donation

You can send us your gifts for donating to poor kids and families in deprived villages

Constructed Projects

Primary school in Saravan

Rig-Gehee region, Sistan & Balouchestan Province
  • Opening Sep 2017
  • No. Classes 6
  • Area 330

Primary school in Sarzeh village

Bam-Posht region, Sistan & Balouchestan Province
  • Opening Sep 2017
  • No. Classes 2
  • Area 80

Primary school in Bat-Bozorg village

Bam-Posht region , Sistan & Balouchestan Province
  • Opening Jun 2017
  • No. Classes 3
  • Area 80
215th NGO in World

Global Journal has granted the rank of 215 to Roshd Charity as an international NGO


Roshd Charity is an associated NGO with United Nations department of public information.


Roshd Foundation has achieved to consultative status in Economical & Social Council of United Nations