Celebrating Mandela Day in United Nations in Tehran

UN has named 18 July after Nelson Mandela in appreciation of his endeavors and efforts to establish peace and calm. Nelson Mandela was a world-famous figure in promoting justice and equality around the world, whose bravery and compassion never ceases to inspire people. Allied to this, a ceremony was held at UN office in Tehran today, the 100th anniversary of Mandela’s birthday, with the attendance of the representative of South African Embassy, NGOs, and other companions. In this ceremony, the following subjects were touched upon: Nelson Mandela’s ideals such as peace and social justice, trust and compromise, children educations, poverty eradication, and combating AIDS. Moreover, the audience talked about their experience in this regard, and Roshd Charity volunteers voiced their opinions.

Last week, Ms. Shahbaz held an educational workshop on behalf of UN Information Center in which the volunteers were familiarized with Mandela’s valued ideals and also learned about the ways of educating and communicating with children in line with these ideals. There were also held to separate programs for labor and disabled children. In line with this, Roshd Foundation held a painting contest in the remote villages in late summer.

The main goal of Roshd Charity is providing educational opportunities for all children. This fills us with great pride that this main goal is within the framework of the values of a freethinker like Nelson Mandela. In the end, we extend our debt of gratitude to the UN office in Tehran and our supporters.