Who We Are

Believing that closest way to God is serving his creatures and the most efficient way to serve the people is to educate sophisticated faithful people and believing that elevation of pure Islam and freedom and independence of our country, Iran, and its continuous development and honor depends on capable, self-confident, faithful, responsible, committed and patriot generations, lead to the establishment of the pure tree Roshd Foundation.

We believe that in the chaos of fire, misery, atrocity, avarice, egotism, etc. Which is going to block the breath of humanity, the only way of survival is the man’s return to cultures, faith, reconciliation with the nature and self-consciousness. Our duty, which we are hopeful to handle, is to prepare the grounds so that the growing generation become familiar with up-to-date science and technology as the necessary tools and weapons of individual life and material growth and development of human societies on the one hand and elevate themselves from materialistic abyss to humanity and merit of coexistence through the assistance of faith and spirituality on the other hand.

Based on this, major objectives and strategies of Roshd Foundation include:

Serving the People, Serving Islam, Serving the Country and strategic motto of Roshd Foundation is selected as:

Human, Islam, Iran

Including the above issues, Roshd cultural & scientific Foundation as a non-profit and public foundation has been formed with following objectives:

  1. Whereas suppression and cultural and scientific poverty have mutual effects and any tyranny is based on poverty and scientific and cultural transformation, one the major objectives of Roshd Foundation is to make the grounds for growth and elevation of potential talents which are deprived of scientific education due to lack of facilities.
  2. Base on the fact that the lack of individual hygiene and health is one of the tangible outcomes of financial and cultural poverty and obstacles for the growth of an individual people of a society, another objective of Roshd Foundation is fulfillment of affairs related to supplying health and medical care and also development of athletic facilities and areas with the aim of prevention.
  3. Roshd Foundation with the aim of helping the mankind and countrymen through entrepreneurship and making the grounds for employment takes action for such affairs by financial and virtual helps and through granting interest-free loans.
  4. Whereas environmental protection leads to man’s healthy life, activities in this field are also among the objectives of Roshd Foundations.
  5. Activities in cultural, scientific, and research fields aimed at human growth and elevation are also the objectives of Roshd Foundation.


If you have any question about Roshd Charity’s activities, please do not hesitate to contact us.