Building School

Building schools in deprived areas and providing equal opportunity of education for all are main goals of Roshd Charity. So Roshd Charity has tried to reach that aims since its inception.

And so far more than 20 schools have been built in deprived areas by Roshd Charity by its charity festivals and supporters. In addition there are some which are under construction and we hope that we can be able finish them in the near future.

List of Built Schools :

No. Place Grade Amounts of classes
1 Boorang, Darmiyan, South Khorasan, Iran Guidance 3
2 Asadiyeh, Birjand, South Khorasan, Iran Primary 5
3 Tohid City, Holeylan, Ilam, Iran Primary 6
4 Batlakan, Holeylan, Ilam, Iran Primary 3
5 Zaher-Vand, Holeylan, Ilam, Iran Primary 3
6 Darreh-Barik, Holeylan, Ilam, Iran Primary 3
7 Sareyn-Meydar-Zardalan, Holeylan, Ilam, Iran Primary 2
8 Baz-Galdy, Maraveh-Tappeh, Golestan, Iran Primary 3
9 Yekke-Toot, Marvaeh-Tappeh, Golestan, Iran Primary 3
10 Saleh-Abad, Torbate-Jam, Razavi Khorasan, Iran Dormitory
11 Leaseh, East Band-Pay, Mazandaran, Iran Primary 2
12 Molla-Salemi, Dayer, Boushehr, Iran Primary 2
13 Abbas-Abad, Reegan, Kerman, Iran Primary 6
14 Songhoz-Abad, Bisotoon, Kermanshah, Iran Primary 5
15 Setar, Songhoz-Kolyayee, Kermanshah, Iran Primary 6
16 Dar-Pahn, Bashagard, Minab, Hormozgan, Iran Primary 6
17 Takht, Minab, Hormozgan, Iran Primary 3
18 Sabh-Tay, Minab, Hormozgan, Iran Primary 6
19 Tanboo, Minab, Hormozgan, Iran Primary 5
20 Se-gholan, Songhoz-kolyayee, Kermanshah, Iran Primary 2